Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

Oxy Diary

Dear All My Friends in the World

Today I am very happy. Why? Because I have met some of my best friends in the world, they tell me things about our lucky. First, I met my friend called "Oxygen in the Soil". He told me that he had been combined in molecules with many others kinds of atoms. So, he has a lot to meet and become acquaintied with other atoms. Second, I met my friend called "Oxygen in the air". He told, however, of every five molecules, one molecules contains two oxygen atoms and nothing else. People often call us "Oxygen Molecule". I last met up with some friends  "Oxygen in the Human Body", they told me, the human being take air to him bodies to breathe, where my friends oxygen combines with the food the human have eaten. The produces the energy that keeps the body living and working. To obtain oxygen, human must always breathe, waking or sleeping. And you know? Human can live for weeks without food, if they must, and for days without water. Five minutes without oxygen, however, would kill them. Thus I am the best element to begin with.

For my friends the other atom, which is not too familiar with me. I'll show you the first thing we note about oxygen is that it is a gas. Water is a good example of this. Ordinary water is liquid. When water is cold, however, it becomes a solid, which we call ice. When water is very hot, it becomes a gas, which we call steam. Ice, water, and steam are the same substances in three different forms.

Gases are not easy to study. Consider air, for example, the most common gas. What do you about it? It has no color. You can see through it. You can't smell it or taste it. How do you even know it is there? You know it is there because you can feel it when it moves. Different parts of the air are heated to different temperatures by the sun. The warmer air rises while the cooler air moves down. The large air movements caused by this are what we call wind. I am an active substance, can combine easily with those of others subtances in a process called combustion or burning. When wood is heated, it makes gas. The gases burn in bright fllames when they begin combining with the oxygen molecules in the air. In doing this, they produce heat and light. 
Where I am pure come from?

One way of getting pure oxygen is to take oxygen atoms from compounds that do not hold them strongly. When such a compound  is heated the oxygen atoms are freed and become oxygen gas. I am was first discovered in 1772 by a chemist who called it "fire air". A few years after this, another scientist gave the gas the name of oxygen.

Here's a little story about me, of course there are many other things that I don't know out there. I will continue on my journey to meet up with other atoms. Bye


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